Here's Why A Plane's Windows Aren’t Always Aligned With The Seats

So much for that mandatory cloud shot.
PHOTO: Pixabay

If you’ve ever felt robbed of what could have been a spectacular view, and the chance to feel like Princess Jasmine on her first carpet ride, this one’s for you.

The people behind Today I Found Out recently posted a video about why sometimes, the universe isn’t on your sideand instead of looking out the window on your next flight, you’re staring at a wall instead. Apparently, airplane manufacturers do design planes in a way that assures equal amount of distance between the rows—with the seats perfectly positioned next to the windows. However, these recommended measurements aren’t always followed by the airlines that buy the planes. 

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The airlines can actually move the seats because they’re mounted on tracks on the plane floor. Seasoned flyers are probably aware of the fact that not all planes are created equally—and some flights are beyond uncomfortable. This is because seats are the biggest source of money for airlines, so it’s to their financial advantage to cram as many seats as they can on one flight. Plus, they know that customers are more than willing to pick ticket price over comfort. 

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