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These PowerPoint Night Ideas Will Make Your Virtual Barkada Hangouts ~*Super*~ Fun

Time to put that *proficient in Microsoft Office suite* resume skill to work.
PowerPoint Night With Friends
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Welcome to January 2022, aka March 2020 the sequel, where we’ve reverted to pretty much every activity we resorted to at the beginning of lockdown (anything but the aimless Zoom happy hours, pls!). Thank you Omicron for gracing us with your presence. If you’ve done a virtual game night or movie night in the past couple of weeks with pals who were essentially all quarantined, you’re def not alone. PowerPoint nights are another fun stay-in-sweatpants activity that has been blowing up on TikTok with college friend groups and sororities who apparently wanna make additional presentations outside of the ones they have to do in class, idk.

No judgment though—I have 110 percent done a PowerPoint night with my friends in early 2020, and tbh would do one again because we’re running out of other creative ideas at this point. It probably works best with a small-ish friend group so there aren’t 20 presentations (if you have a lot of friends, just limit the number of slides so it’s not like the equivalent of a three-hour lecture that people have to sit through). You can make it happen over Zoom using your screen share button, or if you have a built-in friend group of roomies, you can take turns presenting on your TV screen with the help of an HDMI cord or Chromecast.

It’s actually a super simple way to keep yourselves busy for the night (add wine and make a drinking game out of it if you wish). Get fancy with your PowerPoint skills—or you can use WordArt bc who cares. And if you're struggling to come up with a presentation topic that people will legit pay attention to, we have you covered with these PowerPoint night ideas. *Next slide*.

  1. Your friends as Shrek characters

    Cast everyone as all the creatures from Far, Far Away. This also makes a pretty solid group Halloween costume, just saying.

  2. Ranking of who’s most likely to get the final rose on The Bachelor

    You can predict the four hometown dates and then the eventual winner of the current Bach season (no looking at spoilers allowed!!). You can also go local and try a PBB version. Who would get evicted first? Who would be an audience favorite?

  3. The friend group trivia game

    This is your chance to see if everyone in the GC can answer the most obscure questions about each other. You can cheat by having each person submit the q's to whoever's making the presentation.

  4. Predictions of who Pete Davidson will date next

    There have been a lot of memes circulating ft Pete with a newly single Jason Momoa, but it honestly could be anyone. Your job is to make a case for each one.

  5. Explain that image

    You can really have fun digging into the social media archives with this one: Pull random pics from V far back in everyone's Facebook history, if anyone still actually uses it. Then each person in the group has to sit in the virtual hotseat and give details about who/what/where/when/why that photo was taken.

  6. Hottest Disney character rating

    Pretty self-explanatory. All you have to do is explain why it's Aladdin.

  7. Everyone's worst ex

    Soo this one could get a little bit heated, but it's a conversation starter for sure. It also requires knowing your friend group and its history very well (see the friend trivia PowerPoint first).

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  8. The most [insert zodiac sign] thing each person has ever done

    Permission to lightly roast the Leos—I can say that since I am one—and Scorpios in the room. Be gentle with your Pisces friends though.

  9. Celebs who look exactly alike

    If you've ever seen any movie with Margot Robbie or Samara Weaving in it, you probably just assumed they were the same person. There are enough of these doppelgangers to make a full presentation, trust us.

  10. T.Swift songs to describe each person

    Someone's gonna be "Teardrops on My Guitar," and someone's gonna be "ME!" and that's okay.

  11. When we peaked

    A case study on the best collective time in your friend group. Feel free to use IG as photographic evidence.

  12. Which American Girl dolls you'd all be

    Every friend group has a Samantha.

  13. Everyone's love language

    FYI, no need to stick to "quality time" and all of those—chicken nuggets at 3 a.m. is a real one, too.

  14. Superlatives, adult edition

    Forget whatever superlatives you guys got when you were in school (if you were one of those cool people). Award each of your pals an adult version of superlatives, such as most likely to Irish exit a party, most likely to order takeout even after a full Trader Joe's trip, etc.

  15. Your Euphoria high school outfits

    This really needs to be done by a friend who has legit Photoshop skills, but basically you're swapping everyone's regular photos with a Euphoria high school lewk.

  16. What reality show each of you should try out for

    Maybe it's Joe Millionaire, or maybe it's Project Runway or Real Housewives, who's to say?

  17. Who each friend was in a former lifetime

    For example, I was in the Salem witch trials (taking no further questions at this time). Perhaps one of your other friends was a badass anti-Civil War activist or in the crowd at the first Woodstock in a past life.


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