Quotes Every Woman Should Live By

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We're celebrating International Women's Day by sharing inspirational quotes every fun and fearless female should live by. We encourage you to save your favorite and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram to remind everyone how far we've come, and how we should always stand up for who we are.

For the woman who doesn't want to be defined by her man, this one's for you, from our very own Editorial Director:

For the woman who goes for what she wants, regardless of what society tells her:

For women of all shapes, skin tones, and sizes, we salute you!

For all the independent women, here's something from Cosmopolitan's founding editor that you should take to heart:

For the woman who has fallen and still emerged victorious, journalist, author, and screenwriter Nora Ephron wants to say this to you:

For the woman who has yet to discover her potential, take the advice of this supermodel:

For the woman who defies the norm and marches to the beat of her own drum:

For the woman who has put others before herself, remember this:

For the woman who doesn't want mediocrity in her relationships:

For the woman who follows her dreams:

For the woman who lives by her own rules, take it from Bossypants author Tina Fey:

For the woman who knows herself and loves every bit of it:

For the woman who is still learning self-love and self-acceptance:

For the woman who champions other women, we would have it no other way. Former US Secretary of State has this to say to those who do otherwise:

Happy Women's Month from Cosmo! Spread the love!

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