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Race Your Way To A Healthier You

If you want to get into running but don't know where to start, grab this great new mag!
RunnersM.jpgAnybody can be a runner. Whether you're a beginner or you've been into running for a long time, the second issue of Runner's World Philippines is your ultimate guide to running this June.

Beginners can get a head start on choosing the perfect pair of shoes, avoiding common injuries, and sticking to a running plan. If you're a seasoned runner, Runner's World gives you advice on pre-race nutrition, post-run recipes, and getting rid of the roadblocks at the home stretch of your training.

While June marks the end of summer and ushers in the rainy days, don't let that put a damper on your training. The second issue of Runner's World shows you how you can still work out indoors with treadmill tips, an indoor training plan, and tricks to fend off cold and flu. But if you still prefer the great outdoors, check out the rainy-day gear featured in this issue.

Cover girl Michelle Estuar is a relatively new runner but is already making waves in the running community. Read more about her in the second issue of Runner's World, available exclusively with every copy of Men's Health and Women's Health this June.
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