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This Is Why Dogs Stay Outside Your Bathroom Door When You Poop

Is it really just because they love you?

Often when you wake up in the morning, the first thing you do (after checking your phone) is head to the banyo to pee. And if you live with a dog, you probably open the bathroom door and find a pair of adoring eyes looking up at you. Is it because they missed you so much in the last 30 seconds you were gone? Is it because they're curious? Or hungry? 

The simplest explanation is that, much like their wolf ancestors, dogs are "pack" animals and following you to the banyo is a sign of pack behavior. They haven't learned the concept of privacy so they feel the need to go where you go; it's their way of showing loyalty.

Your furbaby might also just be curious. If he or she stays indoors most of the time, things can get pretty boring. When you move, they naturally just want to know what's up. Where ya going, hooman? Plus, the bathroom is a part of the home, which is a part of your pet's "territory." So if your dog considers you as part of its pack, you'd "travel" together and not explore on your own. 

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Of course, there are *other* less cute explanations for this habit. Your dog might feel sepanx when you're not together, which is a sign of insecurity. I have a dog who acts this way sometimes. When I pet her, I feel like she doesn't ever want to let go, huhu. 

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The good news is you can train your dog to stay put when you have to go to the bathroom. If it doesn't work, though, what's so bad about seeing that cute face when you're done taking care of business, right?


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