How The Real World Can Be Better Than School

Raises and bonuses are so much better than As.
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1. You don't have the anxiety of worrying about what life will be like once you lose the safety net of being a student.

You know what life is like! And life has no homework.

2. Eventually, you come to a point where you have some disposable income.

Which means you can take a slightly nicer vacation (or just a vacation at all) or buy a slightly nicer bag than you're used to. You can buy nicer clothes! Yes, that means you can finally throw out your 15 disintegrating Forever 21 dresses! (JK, Forever 21 is actually ForeverForever, and you probably won't stop shopping there until you're 40.)

3. Going out is still just as fun, if not more fun.

You have more confidence as you get older and don't feel like you have to do all the stupid shit (see: ice block shots) you used to do in school. Plus, there's something nice about the weight of a glass that isn't a red cup.

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4. No homework! No midterms. No papers!

Who cares if you have to work your new job on the weekend? People feel bad when you have to work the weekend—in college, that's just homework!

5. Working is exciting.

Because all those hopes and dreams and plans you had for your career your entire life? They're finally starting to happen.

6. Your own space.

(P.S. Your own freaking room.)

7. You aren't forced to be around college students!

I can't emphasize enough how true this is—sure, you'll always have your university besties (uh, maybe), but now you get to expand your friendship pool by literally thousands of people.

8. No more cheap-ass junk food for all your meals.

Look at you, grocery shopping for fruits and vegetables. You're totally an adult!

9. No people wearing pajamas when they should not be wearing pajamas.

You're 20. Put on some fucking pants for class! Also, that shit doesn't fly in an office so maybe just stop now?

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10. In the real world, you probably didn't sleep with the same guys as all your neighbors.


11. Raises and bonuses are so much better than As.

Let's be real.

12. No more communal bathrooms.

Your life is now amazing.

13. No more dumb conversations about the ~meaning of life~ at 4 a.m. with your roommates, after you've been up all night drinking and/or studying.

Actually, you might kiiiiinda miss that.

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