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Relax, Dine, And Live In A Green World

Take your eco-consciousness a notch further: find your home in Ayala Land's Nuvali, which is the best example of how green living can be so chic and fun!

When there's no way to stop the destruction of nature, the best thing we can do is to slow it down as much as possible. From your choice of beauty products to your choice of home, there is always something you can do to help.

There are eco-friendly communities like Ayala Land's Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna (en route to Tagaytay!) where you can build your environment-friendly home. Its goal is sustainable living--grasping the present and preserving it for the future. Check out some of the really nice features of their green community to understand their concept of green living better. You can even begin to hang out in their many dining spots there, so you can easily imagine yourself, well, establishing your future family there!


While this may not be new to those of you who are into health, fitness, and triathlons, Nuvali takes biking to a whole new level. Aside from installing bike trails all around the community, bikes are available for rent anywhere for P60! Some of the office and commercial establishments have even installed bike ramps inside their buildings.

Taxi Boats

Taking public transportation is encouraged as a form of helping save the environment. However, those jeepneys, buses, cabs, and tricycles still emit too much smoke. Nuvali introduces an innovative form of public transportation within their community: eco-friendly boats! Residents can get through the massive man-made lake (filled with koi fish!) and to their office in the area in a breeze!


Nuvali is home to one of the metro's biggest bird sanctuaries. In fact, over 70 species (and still growing!) visit the sanctuary every season. The wildlife and bird sanctuary is open to non-Nuvali residents, too! Make sure to drop by and maximize this generous offer!

Green Houses

Nope, we don't mean the ones that house plants--although this neighborhood sure has a lot of 'em! Nuvali provides housing that doesn't have air-conditioning, but allows residents to stay cool under the heat of the afternoon sun! Its secret? Clever engineering, architecture, and strategically placed jalousies, greenery, and paneled walls throughout the property. Launch the gallery to see what we're talking about!


There are a good number of restaurants that have found new homes in Nuvali. Check out the gallery for some of your favorite restos that we spotted there.

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