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What To Buy If You Want To Learn New Skills In 2019

It's never too late to learn something new, amirite?
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With a new year comes the feeling of a fresh start. It's no surprise everyone wants to put their best foot forward. For some, that means bettering themselves by learning new skills or taking up a hobby. If you want to make 2019 your year, ahead are some resources you might need to up your game just a little bit more. 

Want to fuel your body better this year? Learn how to cook your own food. You can start by following classic recipes of familiar local dishes:

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Price: P400; Shop here

But maybe your 2019 motto is "health is wealth":

Price: P329.75; Shop here

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Price: P349.75; Shop here

Are you really passionate about all-things beauty? Invest in a brush set to better follow YouTube makeup tutorials!

Price: P135; Shop here

Painting can be one of your go-to activities for when you just need to ~chill~.

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Price: P677; Shop here

Annyeong! Appreciate K-dramas and K-pop more by learning Hangul. 

Price: P2,740; Shop here

Origami will be your new favorite pastime if you like doing things with your hands. 

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Price: P123; Shop here

And, of course, we're always here for good ol' scrapbooking:

Price: P199; Shop here

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Price: P1,200; Shop here

Price: P274; Shop here

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