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Shopfinity 'Til You Drop With BPI's My ePrepaid MasterCard

You can now score fashion finds, cool gadgets, concert and movie tickets, and even online purchases using this ultra-convenient reloadable card!

Shopfinity shŏp-‘fi-nə-tē 
1. To shop everywhere 
2. To create your own shopping possibilities 
3. To shop without hassles or worries 

Shopfinity shŏp-‘fi-nə-tē
A world of shopping made possible only by My ePrepaid MasterCard®

Shopaholic—Say What?

“Shopaholic” is a thing of the past, only because the word isn’t enough to describe a person anymore. Not only do you love to shop, but the things you can shop for are about as numerous as there are grains of sand in Boracay. From an iPod being sold online in Multiply, to reserved movie tickets for an upcoming premiere, to discounted items at Groupon and Philippine Airlines’ hot travel deals—the possibilities are almost endless.

That’s why last year, BPI made convenient shopping even more possible with the My ePrepaid MasterCard. It’s a hassle-free, stress-free, reloadable prepaid card with 100% approval that allows its holders to finally buy whatever they want from all MasterCard-affiliated stores here, abroad, and on the Internet!  No need to worry about submitting a lot of documents. You simply need to fill out a form available online at, pick up the card from your chosen BPI branch, and present one valid ID and payment of card application fee to get the card. This card’s open to anyone willing to keep it in their wallets.

Shopfinity Defined

No wonder you can experience what Shopfinity’s all about: the My ePrepaid MasterCard can be used at all MasterCard-affiliated stores here and abroad, as well as the most desired MasterCard-affiliated online stores. So if you decide to get a Samsung Galaxy Y from Electroworld, go for a wardrobe makeover at your favorite boutique, or go for pizza at Pizza Hut before watching a movie, you can. Not to mention the things you can buy from National Bookstore or PowerBooks, or the hours you can spend sipping on espressos from Bo’s Coffee. Also, you can use the card whenever you travel abroad. And we haven’t even started on your online Shopfinity possibilities.

Cardholders can link it to their PayPal account, buy apps from iTunes, get the newest books from Amazon, book online tickets from Philippine Airlines, and concert tickets from TicketWorld. Or if you’re abroad and purchase sometime online, you can do that and have your items delivered to the Philippines.

Shopfinity Made Easier

Unlike credit cards where you’re billed after a period of time for your purchases, My ePrepaid MasterCard does not bill you. All you need to do is load your My ePrepaid MasterCard with money before buying anything, then reload again for future purchases. All you need to do is keep reloading the card as needed, just like you would a prepaid SIM.

All you need to do now is log on to, get yourself a My ePrepaid MasterCard, load it, and experience what Shopfinity’s all about!

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