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Shopping For Your Boyfriend: Expectation vs. Reality

Because girls wear the pants IRL.

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Ladies, we worked so hard to finally clench the handle of our shopping cart—it's time to make the wisest decisions for the men we want to keep, starting from their food choices down to their personal care needs. Here are some things you have to consider (and reconsider) when shopping for your boyfriend's needs.


Expectation: When you order a hearty salad for lunch, you would share your plate with your boyfriend to keep him as healthy as you.

Reality: With his active lifestyle, your man needs more protein in his diet. It's good that you're taking into account that your boyfriend needs to shape up or at least maintain his weight, but you also have to consider that his body calls for higher protein diets than you. Why not pack fresh meat along with your salad on your next lunch?

Hygiene Products

Expectation: Your boyfriend can share your personal care items like shampoos and bar soaps.

Reality: Whether it's your soap or hair care product that he's using, it's always best for your man to have his own kit especially when it comes to addressing his hair fall and dandruff problems. Believe it or not, men have thicker hair and are more prone to hair fall than you. So give him his own Dove Men + Care Shampoo for a stronger and fresher-looking hair.

Your needs as a woman differ greatly from his. And while you're sharing products with each other to save on money and shelf space, your guy would also need things made just for him. The only problem is, your boyfriend doesn't know where to start yet. Give him the best products for his personal care so that later on, he'll do it for himself—and he'll thank you along the way.


Expectation: He knows exactly how to shop clothes for his body type. He's aware when a pair of pants looks too baggy on him or when a shirt is just one size too small for his built. 

Reality: Your guy is a bit clueless as to what works with his built and what doesn't. Yes, he's aware of the latest fashion trends, but it's always a hit or miss when it comes to the fit. As his girlfriend, it's your duty to remind him what he needs to take into consideration while shopping. Try buying him some new clothes to see what he thinks!

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