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50 Short Birthday Captions That Are ~*Perfect*~ For Your Special Day

Keep it short and simple.
Short Birthday Captions For Your Instagram Posts
PHOTO: Valerii Honcharuk

Whenever your birthday comes along, you just feel a different high. It's your day, and you are a special star on your bday. It's a big deal because you're about to face a new chapter in life. With this, you also "review" the year that has passed.

So it just seems apt to post about it! Besides acing the perfect birthday pose, you need the right words to match your IG photo. If you're not the type to post lengthy essays about your birthday, we're pretty sure you'll love these short captions. We've prepared short 50 birthday caption ideas for you!

Short Birthday Captions

  1. HBD
  2. [Zodiac sign emoji[ [birthday cake emoji]
  3. Chapter [age]
  4. Cheers to me
  5. Cake day
  6. National me day
  7. Make a wish
  8. +1
  9. Still got it
  10. Bday
  11. [age] [candle emoji]
  12. Best age ever
  13. Level up
  14. Eat cake
  15. Big [age]
  16. Fave day
  17. Upgrade
  18. Happy [age]
  19. Party time!
  20. Blessed.
  21. Forever grateful.
  22. To possibilities
  23. Age is just...
  24. More cake!
  25. A year wiser
  26. Happy me day
  27. Drinks on me
  28. Rare [age]
  29. Glow day
  30. Growing
  31. Hi [balloon emoji]
  32. Lit!
  33. bday gurl
  34. Next chapter
  35. Season [age]
  36. Birthdaze
  37. Unstoppable
  38. wild child
  39. Now what?
  40. 4ever young
  41. !!!
  42. Let it glow
  43. Livin'
  44. My day, my way
  45. One in a million
  46. Slay
  47. Ready for the next
  48. Lovin' life [age]
  49. I did that.
  50. On this day, a [star emoji] was born.


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