7 Tips To Help You Take Care Of Your Indoor Plants Properly

Plants need some TLC, too!

In all honesty, quarantine has brought out all kinds of hobbies we were too busy to explore before. For some, it's spending more time in the kitchen and making the latest food trends like dalgona coffeeube cheese pan de sal, and easy no-bake desserts. For others, it's diving into hobbies that help with their mental health.

Home gardening is definitely a popular hobby we've been seeing lately. There are a bunch of plantitas and plantitos in the making, and we totally support this! Aside from making the area look pretty with its lovely ~*aesthetic*~, surrounding your space with greenery actually has some health benefits, too. Even some of our fave beauty influencers like Anne Clutz and Anna Cay are starting their own home garden projects!

Feel like starting your own indoor garden? Watch the video below and check out the simple plant care tips you need to know. 


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