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WATCH: These Small Bedroom Makeovers Will Inspire You To Make The Most Of Your Space

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PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) YouTube/Alex Miotto, Instagram/zoscreations

I don't know about you, but I *love* watching room makeovers. The chismosa side in me likes seeing the stuff people have in their personal spaces—their #aesthetic decor, chosen color palette, and even the storage systems.

However, most of the videos I see online are of people with *huge* rooms—something I definitely don't have. It's a good thing that there has been an abundance of small room makeovers in recent years that are perfect for someone like me who has a small room. They're great to use as references because they share tips and tricks on how to maximize your space.

If you're looking for some inspo for your room makeover, check out these tiny bedroom tours below:

Small Bedroom Makeovers To Watch For Inspiration

1. Don't worry if you're tight on budget. You can still fix up your room—just check out how this girl managed to spruce up her space with just P1,000!

Aesthetic Room Makeover for Small Bedroom (1,000 peso budget) ???? Philippines

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2. If you're a K-pop fan, you can find some inspo on how to store your ~merch~ and make them look aesthetic in this video.

SMALL BEDROOM MAKEOVER minimalist on a budget + room tour | Indonesia

3. If you still want to incorporate plants in your small room, check out this video:

small bedroom makeover | minimalist room tour

4. Check this video out if you don't have enough space for a bedframe. The girl in the video was still able to make her room look spacious and clean.

Small Room Makeover Philippines minimalist + pinterest inspired ^·^

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5. For those who want their rooms mostly white with pastel pops of color, this is the video for you.

aesthetic room tour ; small, pinterest inspired

6. If you have very limited space, the girl in the video does a *great* job of maximizing all the nooks and crannies of her room!

aesthetic and extremely (!!!) small room makeover • a 4sqm bedroom with loft bed + desk decor

7. We can't get over how visually pleasing this small bedroom is! It's predominantly white that's accented with hints of wood furniture and pastel decorations!

Aesthetic Small Room Makeover + transformation **Kpop, Pinterest, BTS, minimalist inspired**

8. Having a loft bed is a huge space-saver for those with small rooms since your bed is on top while your desk is on the bottom! Check out how this girl decorated hers:

Room Makeover + Room decor haul (Aesthetic loft bed)

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