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Adorable Mini Plants—That Aren't Succulents—To Keep On Your Desk

These plants are low-maintenance, too!
PHOTO: (left to right) instagram/nestplantstudio, instagram/plantsmanila

Succulents are popular desk plants for a reason—they're pretty to look at and won't take up a lot of space. However, there are many other tiny plants that are just as adorable as succulents, and they're quite easy to care for, too! Check them out below: 

1. Dwarf Snake Plant from Plant Pots Manila 

If you're a first-time plant parent, you can't go wrong with sprucing up your desk with this tiny but tough mini snake plant. It will survive even if you forgot to water it for weeks! 

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2. Aglaonema 'Red Siam' from Nest Plant Studio 

Add a pop of color to your WFH desk with this pink plant. 

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3. Sansevieria Whale Fin from Plants Manila 

This tiny plant with a wide, paddle-like leaf will surely complement a minimalist workspace. 

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4. Spider Plant from Shopleaf Plant Studio 

An ideal plant for beginners or forgetful plant parents, spider plants are known for being hard to kill. You'll only need to water it at least once a week. 

5. Peace Lily from Spruce Plant Shop 

You can count on this gorgeous plant to help purify your air at home! 

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