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What You Need To Know About The 'BTS Law' And How It Will Affect Your Favorite Korean Artists

South Korea's revised law will give pop culture artists a chance to delay their military service.
PHOTO: Twitter/bts_bighit

ARMYs, your prayers have been answered—you might just see more of BTS performing as seven in the years come!

On December 1, the BTS Military Service Amendment Bill was passed by South Korea's National Assembly which allows Korean artists, specifically those who are recognized by the Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism for promoting the country's culture, to postpone their military enlistment until they turn 30 years old. Soompi reported: "Out of 268 National Assembly members, 253 voted for the bill, 2 voted against it, and 13 abstained."

BTS is the reason behind the revision of the law for their significant contribution in making South Korea known to the world. In 2018, they received the Order Of Cultural Merit from the Korean government, which might just mean that they can *really* defer their conscription.

The group's eldest member, Kim Seokjin turns 28 on December 4, 2020, and if the law was not amended, he would have had to enlist to military as soon as possible, and not perform for around two years. 

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ICYDK, South Korean menfrom ordinary citizens to high-profile celebritiesare mandated to render service to the military for two years once they reach the age of 28 years old, in case something happens between the South and the North. This means that their studies and careers are put on hold in order to abide by the law. However, Korean athletes and classical musicians who've brought pride to the country as Olympic medalists and competition winners are exempted.

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Fans have openly wished that this treatment be extended to RMJinSugaJ-HopeJiminV, and Jungkook for introducing South Korea to a global level.  For quite a long time, they have been pushing for a military exemption for the group, which has sparked a lot of debates

Earlier this year, Big Hit Entertainment announced that Jin can postpone his military duty service until the end of 2021 but it looks like the deferment will be extended. 

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During BTS' press con for their new album BE, Jin shared his thoughts on this: “As a Korean youth, military service is a natural duty that, as we have always stated, we’re ready to oblige whenever the country calls upon us. We actually talk about this a lot, but all of us are planning to serve in the military [when the time comes].” 

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BTS was just nominated in a major category in the Grammys as the first K-pop group to do so, and their latest single "Life Goes On" debuted at the peak of Billboard's Hot 100—a new feat for a non-English song. With the BTS Military Service Amendment Bill, we might just read more of these achievements soon.

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