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PSA: This *Aesthetic* Journal Will Encourage You To Practice Self-Love

It includes weekly reflections, a self-care routine list, and more!
PHOTO: Facebook/Rags2Riches, Inc.

Did you know that there are less than three months left, not only in 2019, but in the entire decade?! Let that sink in for a second...Done? Okay, good. Ready for the '20s? This new era will likely bring about new beginnings for you—a long list of resolutions, a fresh wardrobe, and of course, a handy planner to help you get through the next 365 days. While a weekly or monthly planner is a given, you may want to snag something extra special for the arrival of this new decade. We recently spotted a journal that goes beyond just tracking holidays and appointments. Local brands Things That Matter and Where To Next teamed up to create The Starting Point Journal and it might help improve your mindset this coming 2020!

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The journal includes a weekly reflection (with questions like "What am I grateful for?"), a self-care routine check list, monthly artworks and quotes to inspire you, a "low impact list" with easy tips for self-care, and more. While staying organized and up-to-date with the help of a conventional planner is important, The Starting Point Journal could be the weekly break you need to reflect on your life and practice self-love. Plus, it doesn't hurt that the notebook is decked out in a pastel-toned design scheme that's super #aesthetic.

Check it out:

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The Starting Point Journal is available online and at Rags2Riches, G/F UP Town Center, Quezon City for P950.

For more information, log on to Rags2Riches' Facebook page.