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9 Struggles Only Geeky Girls Will Understand

Benedict Cumberbatch in Dr. Strange = you having zero chill until the movie finally hits theaters.

1. Being judged for having a uniform porma: fandom shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

Bodycon, culottes, and stilettos? Ano 'yun? You’re happy wearing your Star Wars, Avengers, or Sailor Moon tee to work or to girls’ night out! Comfort is key!

2. Coming up with the money to buy all the fandom related makeup they’re releasing nowadays.

For any muggle or wizard, LA Splash Cosmetics’ Harry Potter lipstick line is just TDF!

3. Struggling to come up with a cool cosplay when there’s a new con to attend on the weekends.

Rummaging through the nearest ukay-ukay, shopping for materials at the hardware store, and conceptualizing a costume can be difficult. The DIY struggle is real, but that’s the fun part of it.

4. Explaining to your friends why you can’t see them for dinner and drinks.

Why go out when there’s Dr. Who, Jessica Jones, and The Flash to keep you company on those lonely nights?


5. Telling your boyfriend to quit asking you to wear your cosplay outfits in the bedroom.

Just because you wore that Harley Quinn outfit for him once, doesn’t mean you’ll do it over and over again! Swerte mo ah!

6. Crushing your boyfriend’s ego by beating him at all the videogames you two play together.

Whether it’s DoTA, Overwatch, or even Pokémon Go, you always come out on top. Hey, you can’t help it that you’re a master button-masher and he’s just a noob.

7. Not being able to contain your excitement when your fave fandom comes up with a new movie or project.

For example, Benedict Cumberbatch in Dr. Strange = you having zero chill until the movie finally hits theaters. 

8. Your boyfriend getting annoyed when you start reciting every line of the Star Wars trilogy during a binge marathon.

“Babe, stop saying ‘Luke, I am your father’ before Darth Vader does!!!” LOL!

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9. Trying your best not to cave when it comes to your interests.

Being geeky might have it struggles. It might not be the most conventional lifestyle out there. You do you! Just remember: With great power comes great responsibility!