Style Question: Do You Prefer To Be Overdressed Or Underdressed?

Cosmo approached some of Manila's fashionistas at the fourth day of Philippine Fashion Week to ask them this crucial fashion inquiry.

In any event, ladies (and even guys) always want to look their best--no matter what the theme is. We all have different styles and tastes when it comes to fashion. But there are some events with vague dress codes and we are left unsure of what to wear. That's when we have two extremes: go overdressed or underdressed. Some prefer to go all-out fasyon, while some try to look stylish even in their effortless, minimalist outfits.

At the fourth day of Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010, fashion-forward men and women got together at the SMX Convention Center for another day of fashion shows where young, hip designers and veteran designers showcased their upcoming collections (including that of Kermit Tesoro's--click here to view his collection). There we spotted several ladies in their fashionable outfits. We just had to ask them details of what they wore to this event with a "fashionably chic" dress code and for their answer to the question: "Do you prefer to be overdressed or underdressed? Why?”

Browse through our gallery and tell us when you comment which of the two extremes you would choose!

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