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How Do You Get The Swipe-Up Feature On Instagram?

Unfortunately, it's not for everybody. :(
PHOTO: Instagram

"Swipe up to check out my new merch on www..."

"Swipe up to get 15% off at..."

"Swipe up to watch my new YouTube video!"

We bet you've heard variantions of these statements from all your favorite celebs and micro influencers. ICYDK, Instagram's not-so-new Swipe-Up feature lets people or brands add URLs to their Stories, directing users to websites outside of the social platform. 

To know if you have this feature, open your Instagram Stories and a chain link icon should be at the top of your screen. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to this feature. You either have to have 10,000 ~real~ Instagram followers (read: NOT BOTS) or your Instagram account has to be verified. 

But apparently, there's *one* more way to be able to use this feature without bribing 10,000 people to follow you or going through the pain of trying to get verified (believe me, I've tried). If you post at least one video on IGTV, apparently, a chain link icon will appear when you go to your Stories. You won't be able to attach a URL to your Story, but you'll be able to link your IGTV video! 

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