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The 12 Best Things About Having a Brother

Whether he's older or younger, you have a built-in creeper repellent forever!

1. He shuts down creepers immediately.
It doesn't matter where you're going. Whether it's out out or just in the neighborhood for ice cream and isaw, your brother's first instinct is to protect you. Creepers, beware: "Yeah, excuse me, are you talking to my sister? I didn't think so."

2. Instead of being a passive-aggressive little snot, you are able to be up-front with him.
"Kuya, your girlfriend was mean to me."

3. Guess who's always down to take shots when your friends bail?
Your #CoolKid brother who can handle his liquor way better than you can, that's who! Younger brothers FTW.

4. If you really need to talk about a weird bathroom problem, he's your dude.
Some things are just too strange to discuss with anyone else. Where the best places to poop in school are? Kuya knows, fo sho. 

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5. He can reach the plates on the highest shelf when you need to eat pancit canton immediately.
He's not even angry when you tell him it's an emergency, as long as you share.

6. You never need to hire a mover because he can carry big, heavy things. 
Same goes for luggage when travelling. 

7. During Important Sports Things, he will feed you facts.
When everyone pretended to care about that World Cup thing and you had nothing to contribute, he explained to you how there were other talented people besides Cristiano Ronaldo. "Oh, you haven't heard about Dempsey? Ha!" It is times like these that you understand the true meaning of teamwork.

8. It's so sweet when he and your boyfriend bond.
There's something about your two favorite boys in the whole world texting about the latest PS3 game that warms your heart. It almost feels like sisterhood. Almost.

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9. He is a rational human being when your mom is ~*NuTs.
He'll tell you immediately when you are maaaybe overreacting to something your parents said to you, but he's always the first to agree that omg she needs to stop with the #TBTing on Facebook, like, now.

10. It's fun to watch younger bros turn into a gentlemen.
Whether he's older or younger than you, he wants to make sure you are treated right. Whether that means paying for dinner or asking for girl advice, he'll come straight to you.

11. He's always honest.
It's more like he doesn't have a filter, but if you really want to know what you look like in that dress, your brother is happy to tell you. "Wait, why are your shorts so short? Why are your jeans ripped?"

12. He has good-looking guy friends.
By the time you've actually realized they're good-looking, they're old enough to date! Plus, if they're friends with your brother, you know they're solid. He'll only be a little bit weirded out at first. He'll get over it. Hehe, thanks kuya. 

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