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The 21 Immense Struggles Of Living With A Boy

"WOW, the toilet has never looked so clean!" said no live-in-girlfriend ever.

1. You will have to rewash their their newly washed clothes. Unless you end up with a guy that's good at this, in which case, hold onto him and never, ever let go.

2. Dat honeymoon period is officially over. Sexting is ancient history, as your text chats slowly fill up with "U forgot to take the garbage out again," and "Your turn to buy toilet paper" Hawt.

3. Messy peeing is a very real problem. And it is here to stay, no matter how many gentle chats you have about it, or bathroom cleaning wipes you leave literally on top of the toilet.

4. You realize his kitchen skills are surprisingly limited. You thought him treating you to a dinner out regularly was just a romantic gesture? Wrong.

5. Making plans with your friends is genuinely hard. Because home time is now a 24/7 fun-fest you don't really want to miss out on.

6. Socks. Socks, everywhere.

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7. You have to schedule sex. Gone are the erotic moments you used to steal when your family or flatmates were outsex is officially on sched. But in between iFlix marathons and cooking, it's surprisingly hard to find the time. Oops.

8. This sight is your life now:

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9. Interior decorating will challenge your relationship. "Yeah, I'm not sure where your giant framed Star Wars poster fits..."

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10. You will constantly be beauty-shamed about the sea of products covering every available millimeter of the bathroom. One girl's happy place is another guys' "fucking bomb site." Charming.

11. Your posh products will mysteriously seem to run out a lot quicker. You will quietly store the fact you can smell Aveda in his hair for ammo next time he nags you about point 10.

12. Guys are surprisingly un-chill about lending you their shirts to slink around post-sex like something out of Sex and The City. "NO, your boobs will stretch it and ruin it."

13. Boys leave their massive shoes strewn about everywhere for you to trip on. Right on.

14. Your clothing storage space is severely compromised. Can someone explain why guys have SO many clothes yet look like they wear the exact same thing every day?

15. You will likely have to suffer many "gaming nights." Nothing says domestic bliss like you hissing STFU at them every time it gets a bit shouty.

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16. Every TV series becomes a joint choice now. You have to strategically schedule in Pretty Little Liars for nights he's out.

17. Oh, the farting. You will spend an inordinate amount on candles. You didn't actually think they were just for ambience, did you?

18. Date nights require extra effort these days. Living together is A LOT of fun, but when you're one penis away from basically being those guys from Step Brothers, you know it's time to hit the town and reignite the flames of passion.

19. Being "the bigger person" SUCKS. Since there's literally nowhere to sulk off to, petty domestic fights are just not worth it. So you have to suck it up and pretend to be totes cool again. But you're not.

20. Boys inexplicably wear just underwear or PJs at all times. Gets a bit awkward when you have impromptu visitors.

21. And yet despite ALL of this, you wouldn't change living with your BFF for the world. You must be really into him.

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