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This Empowering Video Encourages You To Live Beyond Labels

PHOTO: Facebook/The Body Shop

We might not always realize it, but labeling people, whether rashly or in jest, can hugely impact how they see themselves. Maybe it was something said as a joke, or a comment we perceived as well-meaning, or something we repeat just because that label's established in society anyway—whatever it is, it likely doesn't help the person on the receiving end.

Social stereotypes and labels are at the heart of The Body Shop's latest campaign. In a two-minute video that invites people to #LiveYourSkin, the brand’s latest ambassadors share their stories of being labeled a certain way—and how they reacted to them.

Celebrity makeup artist Jigs Mayuga talks about being called gay as a sign of weakness; body positivity advocates Stacy and Danah Gutierrez open up about their experiences of being called fat; blogger Chin Chin Obcena recounts the moment she was called a storyteller; and Chloe Moretz doppelganger Edcel Ched shares how people called her "feeling" for thinking she looks like the Hollywood actress.


Watch the inspiring clip below to learn how they found the courage to embrace their circumstances:

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