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The Clueless Girl's Guide To Common French Words

In case you find yourself dating Erwan Heussaff.

When it comes to matters of the heart, it’s no doubt the French have staked their claim on romance. But who said you can’t have a little piece of that action? Slip in a few of these choice phrases and you just might meet that strapping French lad. 

1. Oui

Means: Yes
Say it like: we

Giving affirmation in French is as easy as one, two, oui. You can also amp up your cool factor and throw in a casual ouai (said like a much softer and nasal version of weh), it’s more yeah than yes and brings a much more casual tone to the conversation

2. Non

Means: No
Say it like: noh (make it short and sweet)

Best when said while looking over your shoulder to reject a relentless French suitor’s advances.

3. Merci

Means: Thank you
Say it like: mer-SEE

Don’t forget to roll the Rs in that delectable French way.

4. Au revoir

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Means: Goodbye
Say it like: oh-re-VWAH or uh-VWAH

This word is quite useful when you decide to break up with him. Au revoir, Francois!

5. Je t’aime

Means: I love you
Say it like: JUH-tem

How else would you express love using the language of love?

6. French Love Nicknames

Mon amour

Means: Quite literally, my love. (Psssst! Anne Curtis uses this when she refers to her longtime love Erwan Heussaff.)
Say it like: mon amoor

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Mon chéri

Means: My darling, which sounds way cuter in French. Right, mon chéri?
Say it like: mah cheh-REE

Mon canard

Means: My duck, another variation of my darling. Weird, yes, but you’d be surprised at how many animals they use to call their loved ones. If you’re taking your lovey-dovey-gooeyness to the next level, better do it in French, right?
Say it like: mon KAH-nar

7. French in Action

Use these short and sweet phrases to command your lover in French.

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Means: Hug me
Say it like: ser-MWAH


Means: Kiss me (not to be confused with embrace).
Say it like: EM-brahz-MWAH

Fais-moi l’amour

Means: Make love to me. Use with caution, as speaking French ups your sexiness factor exponentially.
Say it like: feh-MWAH la-moor

8. Conversation starters

So you can flirt like a pro!

Alors, ça roule?

Means: How you doin’? (Best said with a coy wink and lots of confidence.)
Say it like: AH-lor, SAH rool?

Venez-vous ici souvent?

Means: Come here often?
Say it like: veneh-vooz ee-see soo-vant?

9. Throwing compliments

 J’adore ton sourire.

Means: I love your smile.
Say it like: jah-DOHR ton soo-REE

Tu as de beaux yeux.

Means: You have beautiful eyes.
Say it like: TWO ah deh BHOZ-yu

T’as trop sexy.

Means: You are really sexy.
Say it like: tah TROH sek-SEE

10.  Naughty French

On va chez toi ou chez moi?

Means: Your place or mine?
Say it like: uh va sheh twa ooh sheh mwah?

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Mes sous-vetements sont comestibles.

Means: My underwear is edible.
Say it like: meh SOO-vet-muh soh KOH-mess-TEE-bluh.