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The Most Annoying Facebook Status Updates Ever

Once is fine, but EVERY SINGLE DAY?!

The cryptic update

SAMPLE: "Thank YOU for last night. You were AMAZING."

OUR VERDICT: We seriously don’t need to know if you got laid last night. Seriously.

The emo status

SAMPLE: "It’s been over two years, I know, but I still miss you so much *insert name of ex-boyfriend here*"

OUR VERDICT: Two years and you still haven't moved on? Girl, anong petsa na?! Move on na, please!

The humble brag

SAMPLE: "Wow! I can’t believe I’m going to spend a whole week in El Nido!"

OUR VERDICT: Neither can we.

The ultimate brag

SAMPLE:  "I just love driving my new Jag. Sweeeet!"

OUR VERDICT: Drive in traffic? Talaga lang ha.

The opinionated rant

SAMPLE: "I think the government sucks."

OUR VERDICT: Like we don’t know?

The patama.

SAMPLE: "That bitch! Who the eff does she think she is?!"

OUR VERDICT: Geez, tell it to her face. 

The serial hashtag

SAMPLE: #ThisIsTheBestestRestoEver #ComingBack #DinnerWasAwesome #DessertWasGreatToo #blessed

OUR VERDICT: Stop trying to be witty. #YouSuck

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The mush overload

SAMPLE:  "Another perfect and awesome year with you, babyluv."

OUR VERDICT: Once is cute. Twice is nauseating. Thrice? Give us a barf bucket.

The food documentary

SAMPLE: "Had an awesome ham and cheese croissant for breakfast. *photo here*"

OUR VERDICT: Shall we start a food diary for you?

What are the other annoying status updates you've seen on FB? Share them in the comments section!

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