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The Philippines Is In The Top 10 Most Gender Equal Countries In Asia-Pacific!

Good news, Pinays!

The World Economic Forum has released its Global Gender Gap report for this year. It ranks 145 countries/economies based on how well they're making use of women in society, and the results are based on economic, educational, health-based, and political indicators:

Economic indicators involve labor force participation, wage equality between men and women for similar work, estimated income, and number of political leaders and professional or technical workers.

Educational indicators involve literacy rate and enrollment in primary, secondary, and tertiary education.

Health indicators are the sex ratio at birth and healthy life expectancy.

Political indicators are the number of legislators and heads of state, and the number of years with a female as head of the government.

The top 10 countries include Iceland (at the top spot), Norway (#2), Rwanda (#6), Switzerland (#8), and New Zealand (#10). 

The Philippines, which ranks 7 (YAY!), had an increase in its Economic Participation and Opportunity score because it has more female legislators, officials, managers, and professional and technical workers than most countries.

Isn't it good to know you're in a country that gives women equal job opportunities and equal pay?

Sadly, the Philippines slightly regressed in one category: Educational Attainment. Meaning, not a lot of females in their age group are literate, were able to attend grade school, high school, and/or college. We actually closed the gender gap for this category in 2006, but it reopened this year.

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