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These Are The Most Powerful Makeup Tutorials You'll Ever See

Here's a huge serving of reality with a side of beauty.

The incredible woman who stars in the videos is 18-year-old Reshma, an acid attack survivor. Reshma was reportedly attacked by her brother-in-law while she was in Northern India for an exam. Because of the attack, she lost her left eye and her right eye was left partially closed and infected. According to her profile on MakeLoveNotScars, “Her face has been severely disfigured and scarred and she needs cosmetic surgery to correct the disfigurement partially and to remove the contractures around her mouth.”

Her videos were made to spread awareness about the brutal acid attacks that are so rampant in India. BBC reports that around 1,000 acid attacks occur in the country every year, and that 90% of the victims are women who rejected marriage proposals or sexual favors. Heartbreaking.

The website also reports that the liquids used for the acid attacks are so easily available in the market, as anyone can just go and purchase toilet-cleaning acids for just 100 rupees, or $1.50 for a whole liter.


You can sign the petition to stop the selling of over-the-counter acids here.

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