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These Women's Messages To Their Childhood Bullies Are Everything

"My body is dope AF!"

We were all bullied at one point in our lives, but how many of us have actually had the courage to stand up for ourselves, and say, "Well, that has got to stop." Not exactly the easiest thing to do, right? Especially when we were kids.

Well, the women at BuzzFeed said it's never too late to be brave. They uploaded a video of themselves responding to all their childhood bullies—people who shoved them into lockers, called them fat or ugly, or not good enough.

"I think what hurts the most is when you're young, and someone makes fun of the way you look, because you can't control that," a woman said. And it's true! The reason why we grow up with a lot of insecurities is that other people tell us there is always (ALWAYS!) something wrong with us. But this video is a reminder that no one has the right to do that, because it's YOUR body. One woman says it perfectly, "Don't let their words affect how you feel about yourself."

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High five.

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