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3 Things You Don't Want To Keep In Your Lower Kitchen Cabinets

Make sure your storage strategies are practical.
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I live in a relatively small studio. I can get from one end to the other in maybe 20 steps. And because I've not installed a lot of shelves yet, I rely on the lower cabinets in my kitchen area. I tend to shove as many things in there as I can; the downside is, I forget about half those items until I take everything out and realize I've had four cans of Spam this whole time. If you can relate to this minor inconvenience, here are some things you should probably be storing somewhere more accessible. 


Out of sight, out of mind. It's easy to forget what food items you have when you don't see them every day. In my case, after finally bending down to inspect my lower cabinets, I found out na ang dami ko na palang canned goods (and hindi ko na kailangan bumili for a while). But this applies to other food, too, like cereals and ingredients for baking. The last thing you want is for food to expire and go to waste. 

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Stacked pots and pans

I see this at my relatives' houses! So many pots and pans are stacked in lower cabinets, but because people are too lazy to rearrange these, they usually just use the last pot and pan they put in. When you do need a specific size, it takes a few minutes to take everything out just to find the one you need to use for that party you're cooking preparing for. Consider installing shelves for your go-to pots and pans. 

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Smaller items (especially if they're sharp)

The last time I tried to bend down and reach for a cheese grater behind several jars of sauce, I cut my finger, lol. When you keep pushing things back to squeeze *one more* thing in a bottom cabinet, promise, mawawala lang yan until you take everything out. Plus, if you have younger siblings, it's not the safest place for blades and sharp objects.

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