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Things Only Flat Chested Girls Can Relate To

Cleavage? Yoohoo! Are you there?

Ever wish the fries you keep on bingeing on go straight to your chest and not your hips? While some women who are gifted in the boobage department wished they had a smaller twin set, some women actually long to go up to a B-cup. Sounds familiar? Scroll down and see if you can relate to these #FlatChestedProblems

1. Not being able to wear tube tops or strapless dresses

Two words: Walang sasalo. 

2. “Is that a boy in a bikini?”

It’s the same nagging question every summer: “Can I actually stuff my bikini with tissue or socks?” (And the usual answer? “Looks like I’m not going in the water!”) 

3. Exercise is easy

No bouncing, no pain. (“10-K run this weekend? Sign me up!”) Plus, you can walk around the gym locker room in just your cute sports bra and tights, and no one will think you look bastusin.

4. Investing in push-up bras

You’ve amassed a collection of push-up bras that can rival Imelda Marcos’ shoe collection. Yep, the struggle for cleavage is real. 


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