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Things That Make You Feel Like You’re Back In High School

Remember those peasant tops?

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High school might have ended a long time ago, but the memories are forever. Remember the good old days with your friends. Here, eight things that will make you feel you’re a high school student all over again!

1. Buying from the bookstore.

Going to the bookstore, particularly in June, never fails to bring back memories of buying plastic covers, notebooks, pens, fasteners, and pad papers for the new school year.

2. Stage plays.

Remember the time you played Maria Clara in Noli Me Tangere and your crush was Crisostomo Ibarra? Kilig! Speaking of which, asan na kaya siya ngayon?

3. The Hot Pink Motorola Razr V3.

You were the coolest girl in your batch if you had this “It” gadget!

4. OPM artists.

There was a time when songs by Hale, Spongecola, Rivermaya, and Kitchie Nadal dominated the airwaves. Those songs became the anthems of the heartbroken, the inspired, and those who were madly in love. Barbie Almalbis’ “Just a Smile” always gives us nostalgic feels!

5. Uniforms.

The sight of students wearing uniforms instantly transports you back to your high school days when you didn’t have to worry about what to wear every day.

6. Flip-flops.

The most popular footwear among Pinay teenagers in the early 2000s, flip-flops were a staple during weekends when hanging out with friends at the mall. Whether plain, metallic, or printed, they completed every teenager’s laid-back look.

7. Peasant tops.

When you saw Rachel Bilson’s Summer Roberts wearing a peasant top on The O.C., you just had to buy one (or three!).

8. Bolero.

Although this small jacket didn’t really offer a lot of coverage, it was all the rage back then. But now you cringe at old photos of you wearing it!

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