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This Is the Reason Why You Don't Always Feel Super Girly

And it's maybe the coolest reason ever.

If you've ever felt super girly sometimes and other times felt more like a guy and also felt virtually anywhere in between, science finally has a reason why. A new study from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that brains are never fully male or female, and that gender in the brain is on a spectrum, the Washington Post reports.

Study authors say that people used to believe that structural differences were what made a brain male or female, but now they're claiming that's inaccurate, due to the fact that very few of the roughly 1,400 MRI brain scans they did showed only "male" or "female" features in the brain. What was more common were brains that had a mixture of both male and female qualities. 

Researchers say this is the first study that looked at differences in the brain by observing it as a whole instead of pointing out things like the amount of gray or white matter only. 

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Lead researcher at Tel Aviv University's Daphna Joel says these findings just go to show that we shouldn't continue to separate the genders like they're inherently different, especially since according to this study, even from a scientific perspective, they're not. 

High five, people who don't always feel like one specific gender. Science has your back.

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