This Woman Just Got To See Her Son For The First Time

Using a pair of electronic glasses, Kathy Beitz got to look at her infant son while she held him.

Kathy Beitz is legally blind, but using a relatively new kind of electronic glasses called "eSight," she was able to see her newborn son. Kathy's sister, Yvonne Felix, took the video. Felix also runs #MakeBlindnessHistory and she'd like to start raising money for individuals who can't afford an eSight.

Felix is blind herself and was able to fundraise money for an eSight that she says helps her so much throughout her life. Felix is hoping to give that same gift to others. When you see Beitz smile and talk about how much of a joy it is not just to see her child, but to see her husband hold their son, you can see why donations, as Felix writes, could "truly change the world for the blind."


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