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30 Best Captions To Use For Your Throwback Photos

Memories, memories.
Best Throwback Instagram Captions
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Traveling, dining out, and partying are simply memories stuck in our heads and our phones' camera roll. We totally understand if you always have the urge to post throwback pics on your IG to relive these moments. Gone are the days when we have to wait for #ThrowbackThursdays and #FlashbackFridays to share old photos that didn't make it to the 'gram real-time. Now, it seems that each day in quarantine is an appropriate time to upload never before seen snaps.

Of course, along with your amazing photo should be a cool caption. If you're the type to put off posting just because you can't think of a witty phrase, we've got your back! Ahead, 30 captions that will go well with your throwback Instagram posts.

30 Best Instagram Captions for Throwback Photos

Throwback Instagram Captions: Travel

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  1. "Take me back."
  2. "Missing airports, long lines, and large crowds."
  3. "Mentally, I'm here."
  4. "Dreaming of my happy place."
  5. "Sea you soon."
  6. "My suitcases probably think I abandoned them or sth."
  7. "Missing this view."
  8. "My sweet escape."
  9. "BRB, practice lang!"
  10. "Wherever you go becomes a part of who you are."


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Throwback Instagram Captions: Dining out

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  1. "Looking forward to enjoying a good meal with friends again."
  2. "Dining out—what a concept!"
  3. "So near yet so far."
  4. "Currently craving [crying emoji]"
  5. "Until we meat again."
  6. "Bean thinking about you."
  7. "Count the memories, not the calories."
  8. "Wine not?"
  9. "Alcohol you later."
  10. "I miss [your fave resto dish],"


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Throwback Instagram Captions: Social life

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  1. "Collect moments, not things."
  2. "What day is it again?"
  3. "Is this what you call 'old normal' now?"
  4. "Time flies when you're having fun."
  5. "I'll never take little things for granted again."
  6. "Memories last forever."
  7. "Good times, good times."
  8. "Better together. Missing you, [insert BFF name]."
  9. "Feels like this was taken centuries ago!"
  10. "Can't wait to do this again."

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