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10 Signs You're Ms. Wanderlust

You're constantly restless and itching to travel.

1. Your weekends are never spent in the city.
It doesn’t matter if you’re soaking up the sun on the shores of Batangas or giving your legs a proper workout in the mountainous regions of Buscalan. Every opportunity you can get to march out of the urban jungle into Mother Nature’s warm arms is a mini-vacay in itself. People call you a “weekend warrior” and you wear it like a badge of honor because...

2. When you’re at home, you just get restless.
Despite an impressive thread count, lying down in your own bed feels claustrophobic. When you sleep, you dream of azure skies and pristine waters. Your alarm clock, like the nightmarish voice of reality that it is, serves as a reminder of the languid workday you have to drag yourself through. 

3. Your Instagram feed is filled with beach sunsets.
And barreling waves. Or vast, breathtaking horizons. Accompanied of course by some obscure proactive quote from the likes of Jack Kerouac or Elizabeth Gilbert–#blessed, #travel, and #wanderlust being your favorite double-tap drawers.


4. You never unpack your travel bag.
It’s just sitting at the corner of your room, ready to go should the travel bug bite you.

5. Seat sales are your best friends.
Like a supportive gal pal they help you get places, stroke your ego, and give you a sense of direction in this dismal, cynical world we live in.

6. A good amount of your salary is spent on suntan lotion, sun block, and bathing suits.
So much so that sometimes...

7. People think you’re unemployed.
Hey, don’t get too defensive! They’re just wondering how you can afford all that time without any repercussions from your employer...or the fact that you’re starting to look (and smell) like a dirty hippie.  

8. You’re iPod playlists have titles like “Epic Road Trip,” “Holidaze,” and “Chill Pill.”
There’s one for every kind of vacation.

9. People ask you for travel advice.
In your circle of friends, you’re the one they get tips from when it comes to excursions. Whether it’s doling out info on how to talk to strangers or maximizing a budget, your knowledge is an affirmation of your wanderlust-y expertise. They’ve convinced you so much that you’re a connoisseur for wayward souls that you’ve begun the steps in creating your very own travel-related blog.

10. Adventure turns you on.
Nothing gets your blood pumping and your heart racing more than discovering new places, meeting new people, and experiencing foreign cultures. Don’t worry, because vacations are hot! And whoever said staycations are sexy, probably just never get out of the house.

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