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10 Ways To Spend The Long Weekend If You'll Just Stay In The City

You’ve been looking forward to the long weekend for days, and THERE IT IS. Around the corner! Spending it home alone? We got your covered.

1. Pamper yourself. You can have a DIY relaxing treatment with natural ingredients from your kitchen! Facial mask from eggs? Hair conditioner from coconut oil? Exfoliating scrub from brown sugar? There’s nothing like whipping up your own creams and massaging your body with them for the perfect de-stressing. You’ll feel like an artisan and a princess.

2. Get some fresh air and exercise. You now have all the time in the world, so you CAN'T use that as an excuse anymore. Go out for a walk. Find a park to jog around. Do your crunches and push-ups. You’ll feel rejuvenated and a lot happier with all the post-workout endorphins.

3. Host a meal. Cook for your family or friends who’re also in town. Better yet, prepare dinner with them! Assign tasks per member (appetizer, main course, dessert, etc.) and have a grand time bonding over delicious food and great conversation. 

4. Tour the city. How much do you really know your city? Have you been to its landmarks? Do you know where the city hall is? You can do an architecture tour or historical tour to appreciate your district's rich heritage. With a lot of people out of town, you’ll pretty much have the landmarks to yourself. Finally!

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5. Visit a museum. Want to experience something soothing and thought-provoking at the same time? The museum is the perfect place to go to. There’s no pressure to analyze the artwork, so you can just sit down on a bench and stare into a dreamy canvas or sculpture. Tip: Head to Pinto Art Museum—the architecture will make you feel like you’re in Santorini, Greece!

6. Do something creative. On a high from your museum trip? Then try creating something of your own! Get those creative juices flowing for a painting or illustration. Try sketching whatever’s in front of you, and see how you like it. How about some origami? Or cool pop-up cards? You might just find a new hobby.

7. Catch up with your favorite shows. The Vampire Diaries? Game, na-download ko na. Rewatching The OC? I’m ready! Nothing will interrupt your viewing pleasure except bathroom breaks and quick trips to the kitchen.

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8. Organize your closet. Take out the clothes you don’t wear anymore. You can donate those, and you’ll have room for your next finds. If you want to develop your signature look, hang your favorite and go-to pieces together. This will give you an easier time dressing up in the future.

9. Clean your room. Throw out piles of junk you’ve kept with you since you were in high school or college. Still harboring those crumpled test papers? It’s probably time to let go. You can go as far as repositioning all your furniture for a more refreshing look. Who knows? The new aura might do you better!

10. Read a book. If you want to stay indoors and bask in silence and solitude, read. Books, magazines, news articles—whatever you can get your hands on. Let your mind wander, let yourself learn a thing or two about the world from the comforts of your sweet home.

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