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12 Struggles Only Girls Who Ride The Taxi Understand

Heeeey, something smells funky in here! Oh no.

1. Worrying about some modus operandi as soon as you take your seat. Is this cab driver going to take you somewhere, where two guys will enter the taxi and hold you up? Is he going to try to make you faint? OMG, pls. no. You don't really want to take a cab, but sometimes you just have no choice.

2. Smelling something funny and fearing for your life. Yup, that driver is trying to suffocate you or put you to sleep. Or is he?! Why isn't he bothered by the smell? Is this "normal" car smell from one of those air-fresheners? Sure smells funky.

3. Seeing a rosary hanging on the rear-view mirror and feeling relieved. PRAISE THE LAWD. This cabbie isn't going to do anything bad to you. He's a religious, God-fearing man! Also, there's a photo of his daughter taped on the side! He's a family man! YOU ARE GONNA BE OK!


4. Realizing that the driver could've put the rosary there precisely to make you think everything is okay. Oh fuck. And that's probably not his daughter????

5. Looking for the plate number painted on the window or door. You're going to text it to your close friends and family because you're smart enough to make sure that something's going to happen to this driver if he lets something bad happen to you. But wait, burado na yung plate number sa loob ng taxi. PANIC.

6. Pretending to call someone and saying the cab's plate number loud enough for the driver to hear. It's your way of telling the driver "Wag mo akong gagaguhin!" You just have to sound very casual and convincing so he doesn't see through the act.

7. The driver taking a different route. Where is he taking you?! OMG. You tell yourself "Keep calm, girl. Look like you know where he's going." You also tell yourself to know more roads and streets so you can tell him which way to go. (Sure, it's his job to navigate and all, but you got to be safe. Pride's nothing on a life.)

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8. Wondering if the meter is ticking too fast. Is it? It's possible the driver did something to it so it ticks every few meters or minutes, right? Too bad there's no way for you to know for sure. *sigh*

(FYI: The meter has two modes of ticking. If the taxi is moving, the meter ticks based on distance. When it's not, the meter ticks based on time. Both shouldn't be ticking at the same time.)

9. Bad driving. This guy just keeps swerving left and right without signaling, it's making you dizzy! What more putting you at risk of being in a car accident. Not good.

10. Having to stay up no matter how sleepy/tired/dizzy you are. You don't know where you can end up in if you kept your eyes off the road.

11. Doing small talk. Not that you hate small talk, but it's just tiring. On the plus side, he's doing most of the talking (from talking about his family to ranting about the police or the government) so you get to know more about the life of a cab driver.


12. Listening to taxi music. Always the '80s baduy ballads, right? Or that station with the laughing baby? Di ko gets, anong kailangan i-memorize?? Can't relaaaaaatewait! Why are you singing "I'm aaaall out of looooove, I'm sooo lost without yooooou?" 

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