5 Non-Boring Things To Do On Your Next Road Trip

Long drive? Try these with your squad!

Summer's about to end, but that doesn't mean you should hit the brakes on your travel plans as well. Whether you've used all your vacation leaves or just need a quick escape from the city, a quick road trip with your favorite girls can give you an instant lift.

But as they say, the journey is better than reaching your destination. Here, things you can do to make your drive even more awesome. 

1. Throw a karaoke party on the go. So you like singing along to your best-of-the-‘90s playlist? It’s time to turn the beat up a notch with Sing! Karaoke by Smule. You can self-record with video, sing like a pop star with audio effects, and sing a duet with featured artists like Jessie J, Jason Derulo, Kylie Minogue, Carly Rae Jepsen, Charlie Puth, and more. 

*Available on Android and IOS.

2. Stalk 'til you drop. We get it, stalking your crush, your ex, or your ex’s current girlfriend is your #guiltypleasure with the girls. But you need to be extra careful while stalking inside a moving vehicle, since there’s a great chance of accidentally double tapping a photo posted a year ago. Yikes! Secure your stalking skills with InstaSnoop. It allows you to safely browse the photos and zoom them, too! Noice!

*Available on IOS.

3. Download Snapchat already! Stop being a tita and download this super fun app. It lets you live in the moment by allowing you to capture 15-second videos of awesomeness. It has ah-maaaay-zing filters--we’re talking about special effects via "Snapchat lenses" that superimpose animated graphics on your selfie. There's a puking rainbow, an add-on flower crown, a dog that licks the screen, and more! And the good thing about this app is it automatically deletes your snap after 24 hours, so #noregrets if you snapped something embarrassing. Luvet!

*Available on Android and IOS.

4. Play party game apps! Heads Up is a fun and ROFL-worthy app played on The Ellen Show. You can choose from a variety of decks that feature celebrity, animals, movies, accents, characters, and more. You can play it with a friend or a van filled with your road trip squad! This is the best game to while away the time during long, boring drives.

*Available on Android and IOS.

 5. Ace your selfie game with your squad. Group selfies on the way to your destination is a must-do, of course! But make sure you have awesome filters to back you up in case there’s bad lighting. Download Retrica, which offers over 100 filters with collage and GIFs. Photo booth in your own car? Yaassss!!!

*Available on Android and IOS.

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