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5 Terrible Things That Can Happen To You When You Travel

And some ways you can avoid them.
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Traveling is a good way to de-stress and escape life’s problems, but ill-timed incidents or even moments of forgetfulness can turn your dream vacation into a nightmare. Knowing what can go wrong, however, is half the battle. Here, the unpleasant scenarios that could happen when you’re out of town, and how to deal with each one:

1. Forgetting your passport

Whether you forgot to pack it because you were so focused on building cute OOTDs or you absentmindedly brought your expired one, breathe and stay calm. If you still have a few hours left before your boarding gate closes, contact your family or a delivery service to have your passport delivered to you ASAP.

2. Being denied entry

While our passport lets us visit some countries like Singapore or Thailand visa-free, many countries still require a visa. If you found out at the last minute that you needed one for the place you’re traveling to, or if you weren’t granted entry, the best thing you can do is to cut your losses. Remember: A different adventure awaits you elsewhere.

3. Losing your valuables

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean that you should totally let your guard down. People can tell you’re a tourist (no thanks to the number of pics you’re taking), so you’re more likely to become a target of pickpockets and scams. If you’ve been robbed, respond quickly but calmly. Relay the incident to local authorities, cancel your credit card, and contact the Philippine embassy to report the passport theft. Consider changing the passwords to all your accounts, too, to ensure that nothing else can be stolen from you. As you wait for updates, ask your friends or family to wire funds to you.

4. Getting sick

Whether it’s because of food or the weather, falling unexpectedly ill can put a damper on your trip. Don’t force yourself to stick to your itinerary, even if it means experiencing FOMO. Listen to your body, take the corresponding medication, and take it easy. If you don’t have any medicine with you, ask the concierge where the nearest drugstore is. The moment you feel worse, head to the hospital immediately. Don’t let your paranoia get the better of you; it’s better to know what’s wrong so you can get treated early on and get well soon.

5. Forgetting to pay your bills

In your excitement to leave for your vacation, you might have forgotten to tie up loose ends at home. While some of them can wait, others, such as paying your dues, can literally cost you. To avoid incurring penalties and to spare your loved ones back home the hassle of settling your balance, find ways to pay your bills electronically. These days, most banks have reliable online banking services to help you pay from anywhere. In fact, even your electric bill can be paid off online. Simply sign up to Meralco Online or download Meralco Mobile App (available on Google Play and on the App Store) on your phone to view your current bill and pay it off using your debit or credit card, PayMaya, SMART Money or GCash.

Visiting Meralco Online or downloading Meralco Mobile App on your phone also gives you the option to subscribe to paperless billing, and lets you report power outages in your area. You can even file an inquiry or give feedback, and apply for electric service for your new home. For all these online transactions, you will get notifications and alerts from Meralco on the status of your concern or request. With everything accessible online, it’s easier to manage your affairs whether you’re stuck in transit or sipping martinis by the pool.

To learn more, visit the Meralco website or download Meralco mobile app for iOS and Android.

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