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5 Things Only Female Drivers Understand

There are just some things a girl needs when on the road.
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1. You like to multitask.

Sometimes, you just can’t help taking calls while driving. You’re also guilty of texting during a red light, putting on your makeup en route to work, and constantly changing your car jams depending on our mood (Monday means Britney Spears’ Work Bitch, Friday night means Alesso’s tracks).

That's why you need a car with cool features that will allow you to multitask more enjoyably (and safely), like the SYNC 2 Technology of the New Ford Focus. With it, you can control your phone with just your voice. You can sync your smartphone so that the car can read your messages for you, answer or reject calls, and play and change up your music. The SYNC 2 includes an 8-inch color touch screen, a USB port, and Bluetooth technology. This way, your hands stay on the wheel and your eyes on the road while you multitask, for a much safer ride.  

2. Kuya Guard’s “helpful” parking assistance is just not helping.

Sometimes, a tiny parking space is just too difficult to manage, and Kuya Guard’s taps and whistles do more harm than good. (What do those taps and whistles even mean?!)

Thanks to cars that are programmed to help you park, every parking adventure doesn’t mean you’ll end up getting bumps, scratches, or something worse. The New Focus has the Active Park Assist, and it makes parking a breeze. It finds a spot for you, steers you in, and steers you out—all you have to do is step on the gas or the breaks. So although they mean well, you no longer have to rely on parking attendants to help you.

3. Your car is an extension of our bedroom and closet.

You have so much stuff in your car. They say a girl’s car is an extension of her closet, and it’s true! You always have extra clothes…and shoes, bags, gym gear, toiletries, snacksthe list goes on. But hey, you just like being prepared for impromptu nights out (sexy heels are a must!), workout sessions, and even just for mood changes. You’re also fond of changing your clothes and makeup and freshening up in the comfort of your car.

Fortunately, the New Focus has been crafted for comfort with the best interior craftsmanship, including adjustable holders, power sockets, and better storage compartments for the best convenience possible.

4. You always lose your keys.

Your bags have a tendency of becoming bottomless pits, and fishing around for your keys can take a while. Sometimes, you have to spend a good five minutes fishing around our bags for them, and it’s not always safe to do so.

Luckily, the New Focus is equipped with a keyless entry and push button start, so fumbling for keys is a thing of the past. That means you can enter your car with the touch of your hand, and get the car going with the push of a button.

5. You value safety.

You’re wary of a lot of things you’re bound to encounter on the road: dark, deserted streets and gasoline stations, floods, torrential rains, road accidents… There’s an infinite number of risks when driving, and chances are your parents and SOs are always warning you about the risks you face when driving alone.

Thanks to the New Focus’ electronic features, we get a much safer drive. It’s equipped with the Electronic Stability Program, that allows improved control during tough weather conditions. Together with the anti-lock breaking system, it lessens the chance of your car skidding or sliding on the road. The Active City Stop provides sensors that scan the road, and in the case of a potential collision, automatically applies the breaks for you (at speeds up to 50 km/h) to help you avoid or minimize the impact.

Here's another thing: you like researching about your cars and their features. So if you want to know more about the New Focus, go to

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