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Don't You Just HATE It When People Place Bags On Airport Chairs?

Plus other annoying airport things that drive us mad.
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1. Not following directions

Unless you’re a new flyer, there is absolutely no excuse as to why you’re holding up the line because you’re decked out in jewelry or you have your entire life in your pockets. Seasoned travelers should know how much of a pain baggage check can be, and should get their shit together even before they get in line. Not only will it save so much time, it’ll also keep people from throwing you shade.

2. Fighting the rules

Why, WHY do people put up a fight when they’re asked to discard their liquids or gels? How could anyone think they can get away with that? It’s the traveler’s responsibility to check how much he or she can bring in a carry-on. Google is your best friend. And even if you don’t know before you get to the airport, there are signs EVERYWHERE, so don’t be a dick when you blatantly ignore regulations and are asked to leave your new bottle of shampoo.

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3. Letting your children treat the airport like a playground

Oh, boy. Look, we get it. Parenting is the hardest job in the world, and sometimes, it’s easier to just let children do whatever they want just so you can breathe. But the airport is probably not the best time or place to do that. Letting your kids run around, scream, and bother passengers who are probably already not in the best mood is irresponsible and rude. It’s also the best way to guarantee death glares.

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4. Complaining about other people’s children

That said, it’s also not cool to be obnoxiously bashing CHILDREN at the airport, especially if your goal is to shame the parents into doing something about it. Every time parents don’t have a panic attack over having to get their kids through a flight, they should be given awards. So while it is such a pain to get a kid to stop touching your stuff, there’s always a kinder approach. Compassion goes a long way.

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5. Treating the airport like it’s your home

You know who we’re talking about—those people who walk around without shoes on or clip their nails or leave a trail of wrappers and food scraps while waiting to board. GROSS. Wala ka sa bahay, friend.

6. Loudly talking on the phone

Nobody cares about your big business deal. Nobody wants to listen to your 2-hour chismis session. Learn how to conduct yourself in public. What’s even worse is when people take phone calls while they’re in line! WHY?! Having to sift through your pockets and bags is hard enough—can you imagine how much of a hassle it is to be behind someone who’s doing that AND taking a phone call?

7. Taking up all the outlets

Not everyone has a power bank so outlets are still considered blessings at airports. Don’t be the asshole who decides to charge everything all at once! Also, it’s counterproductive to charge your phone and use it at the same time. That’s not helping anyone. Get a little, give a little. It’s only proper airport etiquette.

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8. Using the seat next to you for your bags

Sure, it might be fine to do this when it’s not a packed flight or when you beat everyone to the gate, but when someone can benefit from the seat next to you, put your bag on the floor. Trust us, it’s less important than the HUMAN BEING who just wants to be comfortable, too.

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