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19 Places To Check Out In Bataan In 2019

It’s only a three-hour car ride away from the metro.
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Mention Bataan to anyone and the first thing that will come to mind is how it’s played a big role during World War II. Although Bataan is, in fact, rich in history, it’s also the perfect destination for anyone who wants to escape the chaos of the metro. If you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway and have no idea where to go, here are 19 spots you might be interested in visiting within the quaint province of Bataan.

  1. Playa La Caleta

    Playa La Caleta is one of the few resorts that take pride in being eco-friendly and sustainable. You’ll find that all of the activities on site are natural water sports and they extend their environmental efforts by holding beach cleanups, eco-brick, and tree planting programs and ban the single use of plastics. They offer many different accommodations for all types of budgets and despite being a low-key resort, it’s one of the hidden gems of Bataan. Be sure to have a boodle fight in the streams after your water adventures!

  2. Mount Samat National Shrine

    Mt. Samat National Shrine is one of the most famous historical sites to see in Bataan. It was built in honor and recognition of the Filipinos and Americans who fought and died in the Battle of Bataan during World War II, which is why it was given the name "Shrine of Valour." Apart from the shrine that’s designed with colorful stained glass walls held by white marble columns, another attraction to visit is the memorial cross that’s just a vertical stairway climb from the bottom.

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  3. Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

    Travel back in time to Old Manila and get a glimpse of the grandeur of the restored Filipino-Spanish houses of Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. The beautiful architecture around the resort was built to preserve and celebrate the Filipino-Spanish heritage and craftsmanship. To fully experience the 18th century, Las Casas also offers heritage tours by foot and water.

  4. Pawikan Conservation Center

    Apart from being a once in a lifetime experience, watching baby sea turtles hatch and make their way into the ocean is also a great way to learn more about the conservation efforts of this organization. If you want to get a chance to help release baby sea turtles into the ocean, it’s best to go during the nesting season which is from the months of November to February.

  5. Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park

    Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park is the place for people who want to lounge and enjoy outdoor activities, all while being surrounded with the view of the landscape of Bataan National Park. One of the attractions that make travelers visit the resort is their famous infinity pool but they also have other activities on site such as wall climbing, rappelling, and ziplining.

  6. Tala View Deck

    To get an even better view of the luscious greens, many tourists head to Tala View Deck. There you can also find gazebos where guests are allowed to have picnics which makes it the perfect hangout spot. It’s also the jump-off point to the summit of Mount Natib.

  7. Mount Natib and Pasukulan Falls

    Mount Natib is a dormant volcano that has an elevation of 1,253 meters with a difficulty level of six out of nine. Reaching the summit is not an easy job—it requires a lot of strength as the trails feature a lot of rope segments. Despite it being strenuous, it’s easily one of the favorite climbs of hikers in the country as it offers other attractions including the Pasukulan Falls. It’s a climb but the view sure is great.

  8. Loleng’s Hutieu-an

    Aling Loleng, the founder of the Hutieu-an, made friends with some of the Vietnamese refugees during the second Indochina War and was taught how to cook their traditional recipes. The eatery gets its name from its best-selling dish: The Hutieu but among the other dishes, another must-try is Aling Loleng’s Filipino version of the banh mi. Though it may not be the usual Vietnamese restaurants you’re used to, Loleng’s Hutieu-an offers delectable food at very affordable prices.

  9. Sisiman Bay and Lighthouse

    One of the most picture-perfect spots in Bataan has got to be Sisiman Bay and Lighthouse. Though it’s not a usual destination in Bataan, it definitely exudes its own charm and gives off a rustic feel. Many tourists come to visit the place early in the morning or during the afternoon to catch the sunrise and sunset as the San Miguel Peak also offers a panoramic view of the area.

  10. Plaza Mayor de Ciudad de Balanga

    A visit to Plaza Mayor de Ciudad de Balanga is like being transported to Spain. Among the buildings situated in Plaza Mayor is the Plaza Hotel and Galeria Victoria Mall—both of which have a Spanish architectural facade.

  11. St. Joseph’s Cathedral

    Right across Plaza Mayor de Ciudad de Balanga, you’ll find St. Joseph’s Cathedral or also known as the Balanga Cathedral. Much like the other heritage sites in Bataan, it is not just stunning but it also has a significant historical background. During the Japanese occupation, it was used as an artillery emplacement and was later on renovated by the first bishop of the Diocese to what we now know as one of the most visited attractions in Bataan

  12. Balanga Nature and Wetland Park

    If you’re all about admiring views and being one with nature, then a trip to Balanga Nature and Wetland Park should be on top of your list. Apart from the mangrove forest and wetlands around the park, it’s also the perfect spot to have a picnic with your friends and go bird watching.

  13. Karagatan Bay View Peak

    Karagatan Bay View Peak is every mountain biker’s dream. This is where the annual Padyakan sa Bataan is held as it boasts a breathtaking view of Mariveles valley and Corregidor Island. But even non-bikers can enjoy visiting this spot as it’s also perfect for picnics and camping.

  14. Tarak Ridge

    Considered as one of the most spectacular hiking spots in the country, Tarak Ridge is just one of the many peaks of Mount Mariveles. It’s usually every hiker enthusiast’s go-to in Bataan because of its beautiful landscapes. From its summit, you’ll be able to see Corregidor Island, Manila Bay, and Cavite.

  15. Five Fingers Cove to Cove

    As its name suggests, Five Fingers consists of five coves in Mariveles that look like actual fingers from a bird’s eye view. In addition to the cove hopping, each cove offers different activities such as cliff diving and swimming among the clear waters.

  16. Saverde Coffee Shop

    Saverde may be a coffee shop but people don’t frequent this restaurant because of its coffee. If you ever decide to drop by, be sure to try what’s said to be the ‘best tapa in town’. Unlike the traditional tapsilog that we’re used to, Saverde wraps the scrambled eggs around the rice and is topped with their famous tapa.

  17. Laki Beach

    If you’re looking for a place to just unwind and relax, Laki Beach is the perfect spot to do just that. Though popular amongst travelers, Laki Beach still remains a quiet weekend getaway spot where you can enjoy the white sand and pristine waters.

  18. Bataan Heartland Garden

    One of Bataan’s best-kept secrets is located in the outskirts of Balanga. Bataan Heartland Garden is a beautiful hideaway spot that offers six different types of accommodation: the Ifugao house, Bahay Kubo, Tree House, Cave House, Walk-in Aquarium, and Vigan House. Though laid back in vibe unlike most resorts, Heartland Garden has its own charm that makes the resort almost magical and enchanting.

  19. Balon Anito Hot Spring

    Balon Anito Hot Spring is a small dead volcano crater that’s often flocked by elderly people to have their feet soaked in the hot spring. It is said to have healing and therapeutic effects which is why many tourists make it a point to add this place to their itineraries.


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