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The Best Quotes For Solo Travel, As Seen On Celebs’ Instagram Captions

Take notes for your 2024 solo travels!
solo travel caption ideas based on celebrity Instagram posts
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Traveling solo can be a daunting experience, especially if it's your first time. You're in charge if anything goes wrong—whether that's a lost passport, language barrier issues, etc. But a solo trip can also be quite rewarding, and spending time learning more about yourself and building that self-confidence is always worthwhile.

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Of course, every good trip needs the perfect IG caption to go along with it, and if it's your first time traveling solo then a memorable travel caption of utmost importance. There is no better inspo than the posts of celebs who have been there, done that, and posted about it! Check out the best ones we spotted below:

Best Quotes For Solo Travel, As Seen On Celebrities' Instagram Captions

1. Kathryn Bernardo

"One with nature"

If you're fond of the outdoors, share the beauty of nature on your IG feed! Case in point: Kathryn Bernardo flaunted not just her gorgeous abs, but the spectacular waterfall and rock formations she visited!


2. Heaven Peralejo

"Living my best life as a first time-solo traveler! Embracing thrilling adventures that make me feel sooo alive [emoji]"

In July 2023, Heaven Peralejo did her first ever solo trip abroad—to Bali! The actress ended up getting three special tattoos to commemorate this meaningful vacay. 

"Living my best life as a first time-solo traveler! Embracing thrilling adventures that make me feel sooo alive," she wrote about paragliding. If you're planning an exciting and adventurous activity, this is the perfect caption for the thrillseekers out there.

3. Gabbi Garcia

"conquered the confusing (yet efficient) train system in Japan all by myself [emoji]"

If you're trying out something new, especially in a foreign country (particularly one where you don't speak the language), then you definitely deserve that feeling of pride after succeeding. For example, Gabbi Garcia tackled the public transport system in Japan during her first official solo trip last August 2023. "Being on my own during this time has helped me discover parts of myself I didn't know existed," she said.

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BTW, Gabbi's post about her solo travel experience is so sweet: "Photos captured by kind-hearted random strangers (you folks are amazing!) in Osaka...It's hard to describe the rush of courage it took for me to approach them and ask if it would be ok to take my photo lol. And of course, I was more than happy to return the favor! Ahhh, the thrill and joys of traveling alone!!"

4. Gabbi Garcia (again)

"still not over my solo trip. she’s a happy girl [emoji]"

If you're planning to do a photo dump of your time spent as a solo traveler, then this is the perfect caption for a #throwback. You can also do what Gabbi did and create a highlight reel to the soundtrack of your fave song atm! 

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5. Julia Barretto

"Getting lost, and discovering new places on my own…"

Last May 2023, Julia Barretto flew to Venice for a special event with one of her fave luxury brands. She made the most of her time in the beautiful city by playing tourist. If you're not the type to create an itinerary, have fun exploring and finding quieter areas far away from the tourist traps.


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6. Julia Barretto (again)

"Filed under: selfies in [flag emoji]"

Don't let all those 'fit checks go to waste! If you've planned out your daily OOTDs and are too shy to ask someone to take your photo, then a #mirrorselfie (or a regular selfie!) is the way to go.

7. Andrea Brillantes

"¡Hola España!"

Say hello to your final destination in the country's language! Andrea Brillantes spent part of May and June 2023 touring different cities in Spain, posting photo dumps from places including Granada and Toledo.

Andrea ended her vlog with a message to everyone saying, "If kaya ko, kaya niyo din! It's really worth it. Don't be afraid to be alone. Huwag kayong matakot mag-isa. At the end of the day, all we have is ourselves."

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8. Lovi Poe

"When traveling solo, you have to have the courage to ask... "I'm sorry do you mind taking my photo?""


We get it: it can be anxiety-inducing going up to a complete stranger and asking them to take your photo. It's not just the trust issue of handing over your phone (or camera)—it's seeing the end result. Is it blurry? Did they get your good angle? Do you just smile meekly and walk away, or do you have enough courage to ask "Can you take one more?" Well, desperate times call for desperate measures, LOL!

As per Lovi Poe during her solo trip to the US, "This is an actual candid shot of me with my palms pressed together thanking the kind stranger. He sure was able to capture my “thank you face”.... with a slight hint of embarrassment."

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9. Khalil Ramos

"Vietnamese Breakfast of Champions [emoji]"

Foodies, this one's for you! Snap a pic of that delicious spread (we're curious: does your phone eat first?). This can be done at any meal of the day. Bonus points if you describe the dish like Khalil Ramos did during his 2019 solo trip to Vietnam!

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10. Jane Oineza

"Pag solo flight, timer lang ang sagot sa lahat."

No travel buddy? No problem! Simply turn on your phone/camera timer and strike a pose. If you're too shy to take a pic while surrounded by people, either 1) find a quieter spot or 2) put on a pair of sunglasses and pretend you're a celebrity like Jane Oineza. *winks* 

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11. Jane Oineza (again)

"this is where they shot Tomb Raider!!!"

If you happen to visit a famous movie or TV show location, make sure to let others know! In 2019, Jane had a quick solo vacay in Cambodia and visited Ta Prohm temple, where they shot Angelina Jolie's Tomb Raider film.

12. Kylie Padilla

"All smiles kahit cancelled ang flights."

Sometimes, things happen. So if your flight (or train ride, or other form of transportation) gets cancelled, try not to stress *too much* about it. Just think: soon you'll arrive at your destination and get to enjoy the sights, like Kylie Padilla did during her 2018 trip to Batanes!


13. Bianca Gonzalez

"My heart, soul and mind are forever grateful for this experience."

There are solo trips, and then there are magical journeys. Bianca Gonzalez experienced the latter when she celebrated her 40th birthday in Bhutan. "By far the most deeply spiritual experience of my life, this Kora, 'pilgrimage' in Dzongkha, has made me feel most connected to humanity, our earth, and inner peace."

If your solo trip feels truly personal and one-of-a-kind (a bit of soul-searching, maybe?), this might be the caption for you.

14. Kyline Alcantara

"found my seoul-mate"

There are *tons* of travel-related puns, quotable quotes, and witty captions you can choose from, like "What’s not to Louvre about Paris?" or "When in Rome..." or even "Venice has a pizza my heart." We're glad Kyline Alcantara got to use one on her recent trip to South Korea!

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