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This Carpet-Themed Instagram Account Has Gone Viral

Over 500,000 followers in less than a week!
PHOTO: Instagram/myhotelcarpet

Dads are mostly known for their "dad jokes." Think of the corniest joke you know—it most likely originated from a snickering dad. But these days, one dad is making headlines for the coolest thing on Instagram. 

Bill Young, a corporate pilot, travels a lot for work. He also stays in hotels often. Out of boredom, he began documenting the colorful and intricate carpets he sees while traveling. Bill told BuzzFeed that when it comes to carpets, "the crazier the better." 

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For two years, he had less than 100 followers. So his daughter, Jill, decided to give him a virtual hand. She tweeted, 

Thanks to the internet, his Instagram, called @MyHotelCarpet, went from having 125 followers to over 500,000 in less than a week!

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Some people have suggested that Bill should post tile or wood floors, but he wants to keep things "semi-pure" for now: "I'm not looking to sell out."

Source: BuzzFeed

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