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7 Korean Convenience Store Finds That Cost P200 Or Less

Don't forget to try these affordable treats during your trip!

You see them in almost any K-drama featuring college students with limited allowances or middle class workers. You might even see them in stories where a chaebol (an heir to a conglomerate) falls in love with a ~*commoner*~. You see how your fave characters depend on them—just like how you thrive on Jollibee meals and Potato Corner. 

These Korean convenience store finds are perfect for anyone looking for a quick bite. You can carry one of these snacks while exploring the streets of Korea (because tours on an empty stomach just won’t do!) or choose them as a budget meal so that you can splurge on shopping. You can even hoard some of the treats at the airport (convenience stores are literally everywhere in South Korea, you guys) as pasalubong for your friends. 


VIDEO: Ginyn Noble, Trina Elefante

Find most of these items and other varieties in stores like 7-Eleven, GS25, Ministop, Buy the Way, Storyway, With Me, and CU (the former South Korean FamilyMart).

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