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This Couple Gets Paid Around P150,000 Per IG Post While Traveling The World

Jack used to be a carpet cleaner while Lauren was a dental assistant.
PHOTO: Instagram/doyoutravel

It's every adventurous couple's dream to explore the world without have to worry about money. Just when you thought that goal was impossible to reach, an Instagram couple is actually somewhere around the globe right now (they're currently in Abu Dhabi) doing just that.

Meet Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris; Lauren is Australian and Jack is from England. According to their feature on Cosmopolitan UK, they met during a job in Fiji just last year and they've been together for 10 months.


Before they were Instagram influencers, they had different jobs. Lauren was a dental assistant in Cairns, Northern Queensland with a love for photography. She gained some momentum online after getting 2,000 followers on Instagram, and as she posted more and more beautiful photos, the number went up to about 16,000. Her first gig was with the local tourism board where she had to document her trip around the region.

"It was getting busy with the travel jobssome of those might take a week or two to go off to the destination and shootso every month I was literally just taking half the month off to do a different job," said Lauren. "Brands started contacting me and I was making good money from it, so I wanted to give myself the flexibility and be available to do it."

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Meanwhile, Jack had a 9-5 job in carpet cleaning and when he got fed up with it, he booked a one-way ticket to Bangkok for a backpacking trip. At first it was okay but when he ran out of money he tried a different approach since Instagram was still new then.

"Instead of trying to grow myself on Instagram, I tried to grow niche accounts which reposted images; I had one for animals, fashion, carsall sorts of things like thatand they grew pretty fast. It was literally just finding content throughout the Instagram community, reposting certain niches on certain accounts, and then monetizing by contacting brands in that niche and asking if they wanted to advertise on the accounts," he explained. Pretty clever, right?


The two met while they were traveling and they hit it off pretty well. "We were both doing the same thing, and he asked me if I wanted to come to Bali and hang out after the Fiji job, which I thought would be fun," explained Lauren. "We could just keep doing what we were doing, taking pictures and creating content." 

Now, the couple, who have over three million followers together, are getting paid at least $3,000 PER POSTthat's around P150,000! 

"The most I've personally got for one post is $9,000," Jack added, while revealing that the most Lauren has ever received from one Instagram post is $7,500 USD.


Talk about relationship goals and travel goals all rolled up in one.

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