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Here's How Much It Costs To Visit The *Iconic* Lakeside Pier In 'Crash Landing On You'

It's truly stunning!
how much it costs to visit the wooden pier in Switzerland seen in K-drama 'Crash Landing On You'
PHOTO: (left to right) tvN/Crash Landing On You, instagram/kristelfulgar

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For most K-drama fans, Crash Landing On You was *the hit series* of 2019. Starring Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin (who's reel-to-real love story still hits us in the feels many years later), it not only created a legion of diehard fans, but brought about an increase in tourism to the Interlaken area of Switzerland.

Many Pinoy celebrities have made it a point to take pictures at specific filming locations, like the Sigriswil Panorama Bridge, but the most popular spot is definitely the wooden pier at Lake Brienz in the village of Iseltwald.

Captain Ri (Hyun Bin) plays the piano in Switzerland in Crash Landing On You
Photo by TVN

The likes of Sarah Lahbati and Richard GutierrezJinkee and Manny PacquiaoKris Bernal and Perry ChoiVerniece Enciso, Kristel Fulgar, and most recently Isabel Oli and John Prats have all taken photos at the iconic pier.

sarah lahbati switzerland CLOY location
Jinkee Pacquiao and Manny Pacquio at the CLOY wooden pier in Switzerland
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Kris Bernal and Perry Choi visit piano scene location in Switzerland from Crash Landing On You
PHOTO BY Instagram/kristelfulgar

If you're a huge fan of the 16-episode series (and currently planning to visit Switzerland), we put together a quick guide on how you can prepare for your own mini photoshoot.

What you need to know about the wooden pier in Switzerland featured in Crash Landing On You:

Is the wooden pier in Crash Landing On You real? Where is it located?

Yes, it's real! The dramatic landing stage can be found right next to the boat’s stop Harbor Iseltwald. The Strand Hotel (located at Am Strand 77, 3807 Iseltwald) also overlooks the pier, and there's a specific pin for the pier on Google Maps!

How much does it cost to visit the wooden pier in Crash Landing On You?

First, you have to get to Switzerland. According to Skyscanner, the cheapest round-trip flight from Manila to Zurich will cost you P56,935 via Emirates (with a layover at Dubai International Airport). Once you arrive, you have two options: travel by land (via Interlaken), or by sea (via Brienz).


However, due to the huge spike in tourist visits, the little town of Iseltwald (it has just 400 residents!) has been overwhelmed with traffic from mega buses—especially after travel restrictions were lifted. In May 2023, the municipality announced that only pre-booked coaches with paid-for reserved parking spots would be let in. It installed a turnstile at the pier, where tourists will have to cough up five Swiss francs (P316) for a "selfie fee."

While some tourists were put off at the turnstile and its price, local tourism office manager Titia Weiland insisted that the payments were needed for the upkeep of the pier, which has been impacted by heavy foot traffic: "It has to be safe."

How can I get to the Crash Landing On You wooden pier?

Once you arrive in Zurich, you have to make a decision. If you decide to travel by land, take the Intercity train from Zurich to Bern, then transfer onto the train to Interlaken Ost. On the SBB/CFF website, the starting cost of a train ticket is 38 Swiss Francs (P2,401.61) for a 2-hour 42-minute journey. In Interlaken Ost, take Bus 103 to Iseltwald, Dorfplatz. Tip: Double-check the schedule because there is only ONE bus running every 28 minutes. The journey will take approximately 25 minutes and cost an average of 8 Swiss Francs (P505.6).


If you'd like to take the longer, more scenic route, take the Intercity train from Zurich to Lucerne. Ticket prices start at 12.5 Swiss Francs (P790) for a 41-minute train ride. Transfer to the Interregio and take the 1-hour 27-minute trip to Brienz (for 11.4 Swiss Francs or P720.48), then board the ferry going to Interlaken Ost. Get off on the Iseltwald (See) stop. The boat makes its way to the small village four times a day, and you can check its official schedule here. Single ticket prices start at 9.20 Swiss Francs (P581.44).

You can also opt for the slower-paced ferry to Iseltwald, then book a train ticket back to Zurich for a speedier return.

In total, you'd need to shell out a minimum of P60,158.21 (flight, train+bus, pier turnstile) to make your way from Manila and visit this iconic CLOY location. If you prefer to cruise on the water like Se-ri, then it'll cost you at least P59,342.92 (flight, train+ferry, pier turnstile).


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