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OMG, This Detachable Container House Has *Amazing* Views Of Laguna Lake And Sierra Madre

In May 2021, when Alden Torres and his family stumbled upon a property in Binangonan, Rizal that reminded him of Israel's Sea of Galilee, he knew that they had found the perfect lot for their new home. As they didn't want to drastically change its landscape, they figured a tiny container home would be best constructed in the area.

The entire floor area of the home measures 60 square meters, with two containers stacked on top of each other. It consists of a main house and a common kitchen that comes with its own toilet and bath. The main container house comes with all the comforts of urban living: a bedroom, toilet and bath with a heated shower, a kitchen, living room, and a balcony.

"The house itself which uses yung container as a platform is 15 square meters and then we decided na palakihin yung outdoor living space niya by putting up a balcony which almost doubled the size," Alden tells Summit Media's OG team. "And then we elevated it so we get another 15 square meters do'n sa baba to put up a common kitchen, a larger kitchen than what we have here in the main container home."

A view like no other

As their property sits on top of a hill, they used the topmost part of the container home as a roof deck to get a 360-degree view of Laguna Lake and the Sierra Madre mountain range. It's actually Alden's favorite space in the entire home. In the mornings, he likes to read books or the bible there.

Their property also features a swimming pool that extends from the roof deck, something that Alden reveals was a last-minute addition. "Actually, yung swimming pool wasn't part of the plan dahil limited ang budget, pero we needed to modify the landscape a little bit so that we can use and maximize the space of the ground," he says.


The entire construction cost Alden's family P1.5 million. He says the most difficult part was modifying the landscape and building the house's septic tank as the land is mostly made of adobe.

Alden likes to refer to their home as "pangsamantagalan", as the construction term connotes a sense of longevity and flexibility. Because the container home is detachable, they have the option to transfer it or build a bigger structure in the area.

"Ibig sabihin, puwede siyang tumagal, puwede rin pansamantala," Alden explains.

Cozy, romantic, and family-friendly

Alden and his family initially planned on staying at the container home two to three times a week. However, it wasn't long before family and friends expressed their interest to stay at their house because of its coziness and scenic location.

That’s when they decided to rent it out to interested guests. They even added their own camper van to the property as an additional accommodation option. Their rate for their container home starts at P7,000 per night for three people, and P500 per additional guest. Renting the camper van, on the other hand, costs P4,500 per night for two to three people.

"[We saw] the financial benefit of being able to recover what we invested here while at the same time investing that money for another project," Alden says. "And as a bonus, we are able to let people experience how to live in a container home for a night for two."

Want to experience tiny home living in a container with arresting overlooking views? Visit the property's Facebook page, Camper at 57th Street, to inquire.

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