This Gorgeous Airbnb In Batangas Will Make You Want To Go Glamping

It's the first of its kind in the Philippines!
PHOTO: Instagram/domescape

Ever wanted a break from your hectic life? Picture this: You escape from the city, you go on an adventure, you lay down under the stars and appreciate what the earth has to offer, unbothered and undisturbed. It doesn’t mater if you’re not exactly the biggest fan of nature’s creepy crawlies because you’re still cooping up in a nice and cozy space at the end of the day. Sounds sweet, right? It’s called glamping–and this Airbnb is taking it up a notch!

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Dubbed the Domescape, it’s not just your usual glamorous tent. Think a rustic hotel room outdoors, but in a cool geodesic dome! It's complete with beds, air-conditioner, and other amenities you’ll never find in a normal camping tent, like a mini fridge, a kettle heater, a microwave oven, and a humidifier fan. These are all conveniently available as you appreciate the great outdoors. Not to mention, the dining area is set up outside, and an actual bathroom!

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But that’s not all! Stepping out of the dome won’t just give you access to a night of star watching, it’s also built around a private natural swimming pool! There’s a common area that you can occupy in the evening for a chill bonfire bonding, too–you can do so with smores, midnight stories, and all. Talk about a relaxing break!

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Located in Nasugbu, Batangas, the Domescape is priced at P7500 per night. It's already equipped with the essentials that you'll need for the ideal laid-back adventure. All they ask is that you keep their space plastic-free!

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