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Don't Ever Post A Photo Of Your Boarding Pass Again

You're giving waaaaay more info than you think.

A lot of people have been taking photos of their boarding pass and posting them online for the world to see where they're going. What they don't know is that they're giving too much information. With just a piece of paper? Yup.

The boarding pass doesn't just have your name, your flight and seat number, and the name and logo of the airline you're taking. There's a barcode printed on it that can reveal all your travel plans, and any person can access that. He just needs an online barcode scanner!

Brian Krebs, a reporter on cyber crime and other Internet security topics, writes that one of his readers named Cory was curious about the data that barcode contained. So he got a friend's boarding pass photo from Facebook and used an online barcode scanner to read it. What did Cory find?

The said friend's name, his frequent flyer number, his phone numer, the name of the person who booked the flight, and record key/loacator. The record locator gives someone access to the traveler's entire account. That includes seeing booked flights, changing the seats, and even canceling the flights themselves.

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You thought those details would be secure, right? Apparently not. In the meantime, you're safer off NOT snapping your boarding pass for Instagram. Think about what you post online, and think twice about your privacy options because computers can read much more your eyes can.

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