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First Time Flying Abroad? Here Are 5 Tips You Should Know From Seasoned Travelers

Rule number 1: Never miss a seat sale!
Cebu Air, Inc., operating as Cebu Pacific, is a Philippine low-cost airline based on the grounds of Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Pasay City, Metro Manila, in the Philippines.

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So you’re on the verge of your ~*first-ever trip abroad*~ and your excitement is off the charts! In the next few days, all you can think about are the new cultures, exotic dishes, and crazy adventures that await you on foreign shores.

But before you get packing, remember that preparation is the name of the game to have a successful trip! To help you prepare, we gathered some tips and advice from *seasoned travelers*. Check them out!

“Always bring a universal adapter.” - Kristine, accounts executive

ICYDK, electrical outlets differ from country to country, so a universal travel adapter is a must! You wouldn’t want to get stuck with a low-batt phone while abroad, would you? *Shudder!* How many you bring depends on how many devices you plan on using, but two adapters are usually enough.

“Use travel-sized bottles. Yung contact lens case can be used for your lotions, makeup, vitamins, etc.” - Kristine

Travel-sized lets you pack light, which means more freedom when you travel! A lighter bag means you can navigate crowded spots more easily, speed through baggage claims, and make last-minute plans without worrying about packing lots of stuff! Also, your back will *thank you*, especially if your trip involves tours and lots of walking!

“Free up more money for more experiences abroad by availing seat sales.” - Reg, content writer

Seat sales are a great way to stretch your budget for tours, food, shopping, and experiences abroad. So, keep an eye out for airline promotions like Cebu Pacific's Super Seat Fest, which is ongoing until September 10. Don't miss out on its *jaw-dropping deals* while it lasts!

“Always carry a full set of clothes in your carry-on luggage in case of extended layovers or your check-in baggage getting left behind.” - Patricia, journalist

In addition, pack a full set of layers and thermals in your carry-on if you’re visiting a country where it’s snowing. If it’s your first time experiencing snow, you may not know how much cold you can take so that those layers can be a *lifesaver*!

“Plan parts of your itinerary in advance, but leave parts of it blank so you have room for spontaneity.” - Patricia

Set goals about specific places you want to check out and book whatever needs to be booked in advance. Then, use the blank periods in your itinerary however you want, like checking out a cafe you spotted on the way to something, wandering the streets, or just getting lost.

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There you go, lovelies! Heed these travel tips from the pros and go forth and ~explore the world~! And don't forget to check out Cebu Pacific's Super Seat Fest before it ends on September 10!

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*Fares for as low as P1 one-way base fare (exclusive of fees and surcharges) to select domestic and international destinations. Terms and conditions apply, visit the Cebu Pacific website for more details.

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